A series of films made using obsolete consumer technology.

These films capture the ebb and flow of different materials …

…Including the crests and troughs of seawater, the movements of a swimmer, and the emergence and decline of technologies.

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Speculative Apparatus

An art machine that acts exclusively upon the human imagination The Speculative Apparatus is a machine that acts exclusively upon the human imagination; a portable, transparent sculptural technology for looking beyond the immediately present. A series of dials can labelled and re-labelled to visualise issues discussed by those who use the device. Considered together these… Read More Speculative Apparatus

Goldcrest Standard

A replacement currency based on ecological value Since the abandonment of the Gold Standard, our money supply has not represented material value . Modern money is worth as much as markets agree it is worth. In 2008 the value of the global derivatives market was worth 22 times more than all real estate on the… Read More Goldcrest Standard

Poundbury Robot Society

A parafactual membership society to suit the Dorset town of Poundbury. Built from 1990 (first phase), the Dorset town of Poundbury combines varied pre-industrial styles with high-tech materials and lifestyles. Cotswold cottages, Georgian chain stores, Tuscan granaries, Greco-Roman sub stations… The time, distances and energy that brought the town into existence are difficult to grasp.… Read More Poundbury Robot Society

Previous Artworks

My previous artworks explored a range of themes: A collaborative performance for Sydenham Arts Festival; Animated movie loops of objects with an inner life force; Speculative fictional maps of Crystal Palace in a flooded future; and ‘Orquesta Tonta’ a do-it-yourself, musical collaboration based on knowing nothing whatsoever.