Goldcrest Standard

A replacement currency based on ecological value

Since the abandonment of the Gold Standard, our money supply has not represented material value . Modern money is worth as much as markets agree it is worth. In 2008 the value of the global derivatives market was worth 22 times more than all real estate on the planet (1.4 Quadrillion US dollars). Regulus Regulus, the Goldcrest, is Europe’s smallest bird. It weighs the same as a twopence coin. The Goldcrest Standard, proposes coinage with face value proportionate to biomass, pegging biomass to economic value. The first stage of this project is to overstamp twopence coins.
Pegging the value of currency to a keystone species would bring environmental value back into economic policy (currently ecological degradation is often an ‘externality’ for markets and the policy aims that support them).
There are numerous historic precedence for coin overstriking. Transitions to different economic regimes occur at times of collapse. When the Roman Empire collapsed the coin supply was overstamped and reused, with images of emperors being replaced with those of oxen.
Coin previously showing an emperor, ‘overstruck’ with image of oxen
And suffragettes overstamped coins to share their message.