Poundbury Robot Society

A parafactual membership society to suit the Dorset town of Poundbury.

Built from 1990 (first phase), the Dorset town of Poundbury combines varied pre-industrial styles with high-tech materials and lifestyles.

Cotswold cottages, Georgian chain stores, Tuscan granaries, Greco-Roman sub stations…

The time, distances and energy that brought the town into existence are difficult to grasp. Perhaps making visible a population of automated workers (or ‘Robots’ in Czech) will help us comprehend better what is going on here.

‘Robot’ is Czech for worker. Poundbury is 11 miles from Tolpuddle.

Modern work is not completed by the accumulation of agrarian yields. The structures of Poundbury do not explain, but hide, how it came to exist and be made. Contemporary work is completed by industrial plant, powered by fossil fuels.

Leisure, tradition, decoration and fantasy

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