A series of films made using obsolete consumer technology. Just as water ebbs and flows, so do human technologies.
collapsing tech for wave films
  These films capture the crests and troughs of seawater, the movements of swimmers, and the emergence and decline of technologies. They were made using discarded mobile phones, webcams, minidv cameras and other consumer electronics that, mostly, work as well as they did when bought, but which have been left high and dry as the expectations of users moves on. My low-fi approach reused and hacked these apparatuses so they emerged as new forms with new uses.       A film from an ‘instrumented arm’ and ‘behind the curve’ technology   A film which uses an old DV camera, waterproofed in a pickle jar. I shared this film in a ‘mobile media lab’ on the beach, when I exited the Baltic Sea:
  A film which uses a 10 year old camera in a jam jar:
Geohack Workshop, Falmouth, Cornwall
This was filmed in the Sea in Cornwall: Here I used a laptop with a USB webcam to explore the Cornish inter-tidal zone. The USB webcam was waterproofed with a bottle and silicone gel:          
Swimming off the Cornish Coast 
  Of course the waves these films show are not simple and isolated. They register many types of change acting simultaneously.