Speculative Apparatus

An art machine that acts exclusively upon the human imagination The Speculative Apparatus is a machine that acts exclusively upon the human imagination; a portable, transparent sculptural technology for looking beyond the immediately present. A series of dials can labelled and re-labelled to visualise issues discussed by those who use the device. Considered together these… Read More Speculative Apparatus

Poundbury Robot Society

A parafactual membership society to suit the Dorset town of Poundbury. Built from 1990 (first phase), the Dorset town of Poundbury combines varied pre-industrial styles with high-tech materials and lifestyles. Cotswold cottages, Georgian chain stores, Tuscan granaries, Greco-Roman sub stations… The time, distances and energy that brought the town into existence are difficult to grasp.… Read More Poundbury Robot Society

Previous Artworks

My previous artworks explored a range of themes A collaborative performance for Sydenham Arts Festival Animated movie loops of objects with their inner life Speculative fiction maps of Crystal Palace in a flooded future Orquesta Tonta – do-it-yourself, musical collaboration based on knowing nothing whatsoever.